Announcing the Earth to Sky Academy

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center – Greenbelt, MD    October 21–25, 2019

A tuition-free course for interpreters, informal educators, and science communicators interested in creating and nurturing regional communities of practice focused on improving climate science communication.

Gavin Schmidt presenting to ETS class at NASA

About the Earth to Sky Academy

Since 2004, the Earth to Sky interagency partnership (ETS) has been sharing NASA science with informal educators through a variety of professional development events, including a series of regional courses in climate science and communication. A hallmark of the ETS training model is purposeful, ongoing engagement with participants to encourage sharing and collaborative learning. In an effort to strengthen and grow the ETS community of practice, ETS leadership is developing a network of ETS regional communities, each led by small teams of trained ETS regional leaders. The Earth to Sky Academy (ETSA) five-day course marks the launch of this long-term effort.

Course Goals

Create a network of ETS regional leaders who will:

  1. Catalyze, nurture, and sustain a regional community of practice of climate science communicators.
  2. Develop and conduct effective ETS-style professional development events in their region.
  3. Participate in the ETS Regional Leaders Network to further the mission of ETS.

ETS coach provides guidance to participantParticipants will be supported every step of the way, before during and after the course.

For more details please read the full course announcement:


How to Apply

DUE DATE: Sunday, March 31, 2019

You must apply as a team of 3 – 5 collaborators. Please note that the team should be made up of individuals from a variety of organizations/agencies (vs. all from one organization/agency).

docxAcademy Application Form

docxAcademy Supervisor Support Letter

NEW! Change in Eligibility Requirement

In response to inquiries regarding eligibility for teams that lack an ETS alumnus, we have decided that we will accept applications if you cannot locate an ETS Alumnus. However, for this pilot event of the Academy, additional weight will be given to those applications that include an alumnus. ETS Alumni do not need to be the leader on a team, but can act in an advisory role to help the team better understand the structure and feel of a typical ETS style course.

NEW! Stipends for NPS Participants

The NPS Climate Change Response Program has announced that stipends of up to $2000 may be available to NPS participants in the Academy. Please indicate on your application if you have interest in a stipend for any NPS members of your team.